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Sports Cardiology

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Sports Cardiology

Cardiologist specialised in heart conditions for which sport can be life-threatening

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Sports cardiology

Cardiologist specialised in heart conditions for which sport can be life-threatening.


Specialist in sports cardiology, cardiologist with expertise in life-threatening risks for athletes, prevention of sudden death in sport, stress tests for sportsmen and sportswomen.

The cardiological assessment of athletes requires correct training and specific knowledge of an athlete's heart and the physiologic changes arising from the demands of exercise, coupled with extensive experience to help distinguish the physiologic changes associated with years of training from heart conditions - such as cardiomyopathies and channelopathies - which may be life-threatening or worsen the disease.

My training means that I can perform a cardiological assessment of athletes with heart disorders or diseases prior to participating in sport and evaluate the eligibility of practising at a competitive level. During a consultation I provide personal recommendations about engaging in physical exercise and sports for amateur athletes with heart disorders or diseases, and recommendations about cardiac safety in sports for all ages whether for pleasure or competition.

Likewise, alongside sports medicine doctors, I organise scientific sessions and practical workshops for courses and conferences, in addition to other training and certification activities in sports cardiology.

Video - Cardiología deportiva (EN)


My extensive experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors and heart conditions is reflected in the medical care I give to each patient on a individual basis.

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